Online Pokies 101: Special Symbols and What They Mean

Online pokies are continuously evolving and becoming much more exciting than before. Several game developers are developing several pokie games at an alarmingly fast rate. These pokies have different themes, features and bonus games. The interactive and high-quality graphics of contemporary pokies add to the reasons why this game is one of the most popular online casino game today.
One of the most exciting feature of online pokies that is emerging today is the development of special symbols. When online pokies first came out, the purpose of the symbols on a pokie reel is to determine line payouts. Now, special symbols that can serve several functions are being integrated in many of the contemporary pokies. These symbols are pretty common nowadays, even between several games from different software developers. Although you may not be able to control the appearances of these symbols on the reel, knowing what they are and waiting for them to appear can be pretty exciting. There are three special symbols existing in online pokies and they are listed below:
1. Scatter Symbols Usually, symbols need to be arranged at an enabled payline before you can win a prize. But for scatter symbols, from its name, they do not need to be arranged in a specific way before they activate. For some pokies, one scatter symbol is enough for you to win some money. This is called the bonus coins scatter icon. For others, two or three scatter symbols need to appear at the reel at the same time. This can usually trigger a bonus game. Scatter symbols can also act as multipliers. If the scatter symbol say 2x, then the credits you receive at that round will be multiplied by 2. If there are two 2x scatter symbols, then you will get a payout multiplied by 4. 
2. Wild Symbols Wild symbols are usually in theme with the recurring theme of the online pokie. For some mobile pokies, it is formed to be the logo or the name of the game. As for its function, this symbol is usually called the Joker of pokies. In short, it can be treated as any other symbol on the reel once it appears. This can be used to form out a winning payline. Wild symbols cannot be used to substitute the other special symbols, only normal ones. This symbol can ultimately increase your chances of winning so it is extremely thrilling to watch out for them. As with scatter symbols, wild symbols can also be used as a multiplier and a bonus stage trigger. When wild symbols appear in two or three rows of the reel in one round, these are called stacked wild symbols. Oftentimes, wild symbols can randomly appear after a spin and the result is reconsidered. These are called exploding wild symbols.
3. Bonus Symbols Although bonus features can be triggered by the two other special symbols, there is also a special symbol solely for triggering a bonus round. Bonus rounds come in two types: the free spin and the second screen bonus round. The free spin gives you, well, a free spin. It is a bonus that gives you a chance to win extra cash without depositing coins on the pokie. The second screen bonus round is much exciting. For some games, you have to collect various things at a specified amount of time. Your prize depends on how many of these things you collected. Ultimately, this bonus depends thematically on the game and greatly differ from one pokie to the other.

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Introducing Prepaid Transaction System for Online Casinos

Wagering real money at online casinos require you to deposit funds using your most preferred banking option. Nowadays, there are already several banking options available for you. If you are a beginner, you will most likely lean towards using credit cards. This form of banking option is very popular in other Internet transactions so it's only natural for you to prefer this method. Moreover, credit cards can also power up different payment options. One of which are e-wallets, which are also becoming very popular nowadays. The main reason for this is that e-wallets can prevent your credit card account details from being spread over servers across the Internet.
Using the credit card option may seem the easiest and most convenient for you, as you are most likely used to using this method. But there is a major disadvantage in using this method for depositing money in online casinos. Casino gaming can get addicting over time. It is then pretty hard to put a limit on yourself if you are using your credit card for playing. Since you are basically using money you still do not have, this can cause you to go overboard. You might have the tendency to wager money over what you can really afford. This could get a little dangerous if you were the type to chase your losses.
Prevention is better than cure. So if you think you may have these kinds of tendencies, it would be better to search for another deposit option you can use.
Enter the prepaid transaction options. One kind of prepaid option is using a debit card issued by your bank. Unlike credit cards, the money that you use from your debit cards are funds you already own. Therefore, the tendency you may have as described above can be reduced to minimum. Unfortunately, all the transactions of your debit card need to be authorized by your bank. If your country does not legalize online casino gambling, then it would be pretty hard for the casino to do transactions with the bank.
Another kind of prepaid option is using prepaid vouchers. These vouchers are distributed by online payment solutions (Intercash, Ukash, Paysafecard, paypal etc). Choosing this payment option is ultimately better than the previous ones. This option functions pretty much like a phone prepaid card. You can buy these vouchers at retail stores nearest you. Alternatively, if you cannot find a retail store near you, you can also buy these vouchers online. You need to enter other online payment method for this, though.
After logging in on the Australian online pokies of your choice, choose the voucher's issuer (Ukash, for example) as your deposit option. All you need to do then is to enter the code issued with the voucher then the amount will be instantly credited to your account. All vouchers can only be used for a single deposit entry. This deposit method is very advantageous if you are wary of divulging your credit card details anywhere on the net. You can then enjoy online casino gaming without worrying about security issues or possible financial problems due to too much casino gaming.